IT Methodology – Closed Loop Approach

Closed Loop Approach is a complicated software product lifecycle management methodology. This model of rendering information technology services (for the most part, software development) is very flexible; the services according to this model are especially effective.

Closed Loop Services is an IT strategy, most reasonable from the point of view of finance, the rapidly-changing information technology market, the growth and development of the customer company and of its business processes etc. Some of the enterprises have already experienced all the advantages of the IT Methodology - Closed Loop Approach.

EffectiveSoft Company offers an exclusive model of software development and customer relations called “Closed Loop Services” model. This IT project methodology - closed loop approach is especially suitable for large-scale IT projects, life-cycle of which presupposes nonstop system evolution.

The service implies maintenance on all the stages and on each loop of software development life-cycle. Our services embrace not only pre-launch activities (full-cycle development and deployment), but also system maintenance, porting, upgrade, and realizing absolutely new solutions on the basis of the implemented ones.

EffectiveSoft is a professional software development company, being a reliable IT partner to various companies worldwide. The company is notable for their top-level services and the highly-qualified IT experts. Learn more about the closed-loop service and an exclusive project management methodology on the company’s official website.



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