Ameri-Imager is a powerful all-in-one graphics solution for image editing, conversion, viewing, and much more. Over 140 image formats are supported. Advanced features include batch conversion among formats; image optimization, thumbnail browsing; screen capture (area, active window, window under cursor, selected object, full screen); slideshow; annotations; painting, HTML image map creation, Adobe Photoshop-compatible plugin support; TWAIN acquire; etc. Comprehensive image editing and picture editing features are included, with advanced options (copy, cut, paste, crop, auto-trim; resize, resample, resize canvas; flip, mirror, rotate, deskew; shear; remove red eye; etc.). Other capabilities include 20 color adjustment operations; over 40 effects and filters; image printing; disk functions (copy to folder, move to folder, zip files, delete, and rename); multi-page image support, magnifying glass, various zooming options, and image commenting and properties. The program is also autodesk cad and Photoshop plugin compatible. Our friend Ori Tal helped us with this.

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Supported formats include:

AFP - IBM Document Imaging
ANI - Animated Cursor Resource
AWD - Microsoft Fax
BMP - Windows and OS/2 Bitmap
CAL - US Gov. Standard CCITT Group 4 Raster
CLP - Windows Clipboard Data
CMP - LEAD Proprietary Compression
CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange Format
CUR - Windows Cursor
CUT - Dr. Halo Device-independent
DCM - Dicom Medical Imaging
DCX - Multi-page Zsoft Paintbrush
DGN - Intergraph MicroStation and Interactive Graphics Design System CAD
DIB - Device Independent Bitmap
DRW - DRaWing Micrografx Designer
DWF - AutoDesk AutoCAD DWF Format
DWG - AutoDesk AutoCAD. DWG Format
DXF - Drawing Interchange Format
EMF - Enhanced Windows Metafile
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript (Raster)
EXIF - Fuji Digital Still Camera Standard
FAX - Raw Fax Format
FLC - AutoDesk FLIC Animation
FPX - Kodak FlashPix
GBR - Gerber Vector Format
GEM - /GEM Drawing
GIF - CompuServe Graphics (Animated & Still)
HPGL - Hewlett-Packard Graphics (Version 1)
HPGL2 - Hewlett-Packard Graphics (Version 2)
IOCA - Image Object Content Architecture
ICO - Windows Icon
IFF - Interchange File Format
ILBM - Deluxe Paint
IMG - Graphical Environment Manager (GEM)
ITG - Intergraph Monochrome Bitmap
JBG - JBIG Lossless Standard
JIF - JFIF Compliant JPEG

JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group File Interchange Format
JTIF - JPEG: Tagged JPEG Compliant
MAC - MacPaint
MNG - Multi-page Network Graphics
MODCA - IOCA with MO:DCA Wrapper
MSP - Microsoft Paint
PBM - Portable Bitmap
PCD - Kodak Photo CD
PCL - Printer Command Language Format
PCT - Macintosh PICT
PCX - Zsoft Paintbrush
PDF - Portable Document Format
PGM- Portable Graymap
PLT - Hewlett-Packard Line Drawings Format
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PNM - Portable Anymap
PPM- Portable Pixelmap
PSD - Adobe Photoshop Design
PSP - Jasc Paint Shop Pro Graphic
PS - PostScript Document Format
PTOCA - Presentation Text Object Content Architecture
RAS - Sun Raster
SCT - Scitex Continuous Tone Graphics
SGI - Silicon Graphics Interchange
SHP - ESRI Shape Format
SMP - Xionics' PixEdit Graphics for Techsoft
SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics Format
TGA- Truevision Targa
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
XBM - XBitMap
XPM - XPicMap
XWD: X Window Dump
WBMP - Wireless Bitmap
WFX - Delrina Winfax Group 3 and 4
WMF - Windows Metafile
WPG - WordPerfect Graphic

And other various formats and variations!

More Details:

  • Quickly and easily acquire images from articles, and scanner for editing or saving to file Edit images with advanced zoom control, including a magnifying glass tool and pan window. You can resize, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, or adjust levels of the images. Try one of over 40 filters and effects and 20 color adjustment operations on images. The program is also Photoshop plugin compatible.Ameri-Imager contains complete Annotation features that allow you to add notes or comments to your images, highlight text, and draw shapes to show key features of the image, and even record and play a voice annotation which can be stored with your files. So, the next time you email an image to "Aunt Bessie", it can really speak to her! 26 advanced annotation possibilities are present.Display and save images in any of over 140 supported file formats. The advanced thumbnail browser lets you preview even large data sets in record time.Convert Images - Ameri-Imager can perform batch conversion of over 140 image file formats
  • Complete multi-page and animation format support

And much more!



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